Why picking up #2 is important…

Dog poop is gross topic but every pet parent that lives in an apartment complex or urban area knows that doggie bags are a must. There are always excuses “I forgot a bag” or “no one will care this time.” I have done it a one point and surely everyone has done it. The habit of carrying a doggie bag is a hard one to form but will be environmentally and community friendly later on.

Reasons why to scoop up the poop:

  1. Environmental and Health: Poop has bacteria and can contain viruses that get into the water supply or tracked in to your home.
  2. Keeps away flies: Don’t you hate flies? Well you can keep them away by keeping a clean yard area.
  3. Take back your yard: Have a reason to hang out in the backyard and play catch or have a bar-b-que with not worrying about your dog’s business.
Dog picking up dog poop.

Dog picking up dog poop.

Solutions: Where to find cheap bags:

  • Grocery/plastic shopping bags: They might not be biodegradable but these bags are free when picking up milk and eggs and do the dirty poop picking job.
  • Dollar store: Usually comes in a pack of six and reasonable for a $1.00.
  • Apartment Complex: Sometimes when apartment complexes want their residents to pick up their pets’ poop or have seen a lack in cooperation with pet owning residents; They will give away free doggie bags and dispensers.
  • Dog Parks: Most urban areas will have trash cans with plastic bags just for this reason and its free. So take advantage.
  • Flush it: Might sound gross but flushing the dog poop after picking it up in the bag is more friendly to the landfills.

The places you can go with your dog!

Spending a day off with your dog can be challenging if you want to explore different areas in the city. I gathered a quick list that you can go with your dog on a jog, swimming in the river or lake, or a night out with friends.


San Marcos:

  • Lions tube rental: tubing down the river is a best way to hang out with your freinds and furry friend and Of course there is the river and cities parks. Who doesn’t enjoy laying around in the sun and being on the river.
  • Dog park in San Marcos: Great way for your dog to interact with other dogs.


  • Parks: There are tons of parks and trails to take your four-legged friend from padding boarding on Lady Bird Lake to visiting Auditorium Shores to┬áMetropolitan Park At Walnut Creek. Austin Parks provided a database to search dog friendly areas.
  • Bars: There are a good number of bars in Austin to take your dog for a beer with some friends. For example, The Yard Bar is a unique experience and provides amenities for both dogs and their owners, if you would like to check them out.

There are tons of things that you can do with your dog and many resources to find new ideas for the weekend out.