Good & Bad Reflections of Pitbulls in the news


We all have heard some sort of Pit-bull story, good or bad, in the media. Usually, just passing over and not getting a second chance to think or research the topic. Laws and legislations are taking place to ban the Pit-bull breed. Here are some news stories that I collected that portray the bad side of Pit-bulls but the goodness of this breed really is.

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Top 5 dog breeds that are USA’s favorite

In 2013, American Kennel Club released the top dog breeds that Americans adore.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Shepard
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Beagle
  5. French Bulldog

It seems that top three on this list are always on some sort of popular dog poll; I wonder when other breeds will knock off the Golden Retriever and the good ole’ Lab.
What is your favorite breed?