Dealing your furry pal’s chewing issues

My dog, Melanie, had issues chewing and I made a list of my personal tips on how to deal with it and ways to transition your dog to stop chewing.


  1. Put everything you don’t want in your dog’s mouth up: Easiest thing to do and it holds accountability on your part.
  2. Put the tv or radio on: Sounds weird but if you are away from home, some background noise will comfort your dog.
  3. Buy treats and bones: Raw Hides help and strength teeth. It keeps dog’s occupied on their treat then on your stuff. I always have bags of hard bones and raw hides to give her before I leave the house.
  4. Let them know they did wrong: Try to do this asap when you seen them chew on something. Talk in a stern voice and say its bad and showed them what they chewed on. If you do this hours after, your dog will become confused and it not take effect.

The Humane Society of the U.S.: Has a great article about chewing, the reasons for chewing and ways to help your pet.