Pet Friendly Festivals & Activities

Being a college student, money is already tight and a furbaby parent you want to have a great time with your pooch. Bring Fido is a great site to see what is going on in your area that is pet friendly. Here are some in the Austin Area that is coming up! These events may have an admission fee and pet leash rules so plan it out before hand.

Another tip is check out local rescues and humane society websites sometimes they host free, fun and pet friendly events.


This may not look like much but there are other activities that are free and close to your area. If you aren’t sure where to start check out my other blog post, “The places you can go with your pet.”


Where to groom/bathe your dog locally

Grooming is very important to a dog’s health. A cleaner pet is a happy pet. Bathing your dog yourself is a money saver but a pain. Your back ends up hurting by bending over to scrub your pet. By the end of washing and drying you are more soaked in dirty dog water.

Here are some local spots to try out!

dog, pink, grooming, bath

dog, pink, grooming, bath

Self serve dog wash: This is a less expensive and they provide all the essentials you might need to your dog’s bath.

  • Austin: Healthy Pet: They provide a do it yourself wash but they are also a pet store with varies of treats and toys. Pricing is based on weight of your pup. Less than 30 pounds is $12 and more than 30 pounds $15. Healthy pet has all the bathing products there for your dog’s wash.
  • San Marcos: Stinky Dawg Wash: No appointment needed and they offer 10% off Self-Serve Washes with Texas State ID. Another offer is the Self-Serve Bather Program and when you Wash 5 times get your 6th wash free. Stinky Dawg provides everything you might need so no need to bring your own shampoo.
dog, hair cut, grooming

dog, hair cut, grooming

Professional Grooming: Have a professional to style and bath your pet, fair warning,this can come at a higher cost for the services.

  • Austin: Laura’s Doggie doo’s: If you want high professional grooming quality, you should check this local place out. Laura’s Doggie Doo’s provides everything a pet grooming salon has to offer. They even do cat grooming!  Even though it takes an average 3-4 hours before you receive your pet but i bet your dog will come out fab.
  • San Marcos: Beyond Grooming: Serves dogs and cats to look their best. Pricing is based on weight and type of grooming services. They even have a mobile van for an extra $20 can come to you to service your pet needs.

Chain pet groomers/stores: For a quick grooming and a low price. These stores may vary in coupons and discounts to use towards the grooming services.

  • PetsSmart: From walking in to have a nail trims to different types of baths with an appointment. Pricing is available online.
  • Petco: They aren’t well known for having grooming salons within their stores but will do the job at your local store. They provide different offers and packages from their Mini Make Rover to the Full Service Groom.

**Please be aware that most places require documentation of your pet’s rabies and vaccinations before they preform any services.** Check out where to get these shots on my blog.

What is an Animal Rescue?


There are many similarities between humane soceities, city animal shelters and animal rescues but they have many differences. Here is a definition post of what is an animal rescue and what they do. One thing that stands out and makes animal rescues different from other organization is that they only focus on a certain breed like Boxers, PitBulls or Golden Retrievers. It’s where a organization can educate the community and put all their support into helping that specific breed. Any breed or species of animal you can imagine there is a rescue for them. I would advise you if you are looking for a certain breed or species of animal like dogs, cats and even horses to adopt; check out those rescues.

Here is a list of rescues in the Central Texas area:

Check out think list to find more animal rescues!

The places you can go with your dog!

Spending a day off with your dog can be challenging if you want to explore different areas in the city. I gathered a quick list that you can go with your dog on a jog, swimming in the river or lake, or a night out with friends.


San Marcos:

  • Lions tube rental: tubing down the river is a best way to hang out with your freinds and furry friend and Of course there is the river and cities parks. Who doesn’t enjoy laying around in the sun and being on the river.
  • Dog park in San Marcos: Great way for your dog to interact with other dogs.


  • Parks: There are tons of parks and trails to take your four-legged friend from padding boarding on Lady Bird Lake to visiting Auditorium Shores to Metropolitan Park At Walnut Creek. Austin Parks provided a database to search dog friendly areas.
  • Bars: There are a good number of bars in Austin to take your dog for a beer with some friends. For example, The Yard Bar is a unique experience and provides amenities for both dogs and their owners, if you would like to check them out.

There are tons of things that you can do with your dog and many resources to find new ideas for the weekend out.