Return after a long break

After a long and busy summer break. I am wanting to set a goal for myself to keep up with this blog and its content. It might be a while before I make a habit out of it but I am hoping to improve my writing skills. The posts/topics will be the same. Pet related content for central area Texans. 

See y’all soon!


Final Post but Not a Farewell post


Blogging has been a great experience for me. It has sparked new ideas and topics for me. To discover and write about from a single idea of what I want this blog to be about. I want to keep up with this blog; to have a outlet to take a break and write. Even though creating a habit to post and write up something can be a challenge when life comes busy. I will do the best as I can.

FDOM was a interesting class to take. It opened up my mind to why its important to take advantage of social media and have it benefit me for my career and professional profile. I hope to improve my writing skills, learn how to write code and HTML. On behalf of some students or all, I myself can agree that this course can be taken online. The course content: slides, videos etc will still be apart of the class but not having a physical lecture.

This spring semester has been enjoyable and creating this furbaby/pet owner blog has been a fun. This has been the most creative assignment that I have received to date.


Good & Bad Reflections of Pitbulls in the news


We all have heard some sort of Pit-bull story, good or bad, in the media. Usually, just passing over and not getting a second chance to think or research the topic. Laws and legislations are taking place to ban the Pit-bull breed. Here are some news stories that I collected that portray the bad side of Pit-bulls but the goodness of this breed really is.

Check out my Storify post of “Pitbulls in The News” here.


Spring Break Pet Traveling Tips

Spring break is upon us and we all have sorts of plans but taking our pets with us may not be an option. Here are some ways to keep you and your pet happy:

  1. Ask your family and friends: this may not be the best solution for you; since everyone might be going out of town or have allergies etc. Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask!
  2. Ask college peers: Some universities now have Facebook groups just for students and the past few days I’ve seen students post inquiries for a pet sitter for a reasonable price.
  3. Check with your local vet: See if your vet has boarding services or other local vets in the area.
  4. Search around for area dog boarding; many other reasonable pricing and board cats too!
  5. Petsmart does have a PetHotel or Doggie Day camp offered at certain stores.
  6. Check out pet sitters for a price can watch your dog like; check-ins, feeding and many other things while in the comfort of your home. San Marcos Pets is local and near by that offers many services to make your furry friend happy.

dog travel

Just to say Hello..

Hi Everyone!
My name is Erika Hauer. I am currently a public relations major at Texas State. Never blogged before so this should be interesting as the semester goes. 

The reasons for choosing this topic is that many college students own a dog or cat or any creature that fills your heart with warm ooze.  Having a pet and being on a student budget can be tough but there are way and resources that you can take advantage of. I am here to be your guide and advice on money saving tips that will keep your ‘furbaby’ for a long time. 

My goal is to share videos and links that are fun and informational for pet owners. My audience is mainly local college students but anyone who has or thinking about having a pet is welcome here. 

I hope to explore new ways to discuss and share about: animal shelters and rescues including affordable ways to care for your pet.


Feel free to share me a picture of you and your pet!

*Here is my Furbaby(: Melanie*Image