Cat Comments: The Best Age to Adopt Cats

For myself and personal experience, adopting an animal is 50% of searching and the other 50% is finding the age that is right for you and your lifestyle.

cats and kittens

cats and kittens

Cats are no different than dogs when it comes to life stages. The three categories are young, middle -aged and seniors.

Young kittens:

  • You have a fresh start in training, traits and personality when adopting a kitten but training can take a while for your kitten to get it; so have patience.

Middle – aged Cats:

  • The shelter should have a grasp of the cat’s personality and what he/she doesnt like or like with other animals and people.
  • Middle aged is a great medium they are still really active and mellowed out.

Senior Cats:

  • Adopting a senior cat is a honorable act of kindness for that feline and the shelter. Some shelters have had these cats for a long periods of time because adopters are drawn away from their age.
  • They do not have the behavioral issues and more companionable at this life stage.
  • There are some health issues that can come along with an elder cat. But with the right attention and regular vet checks it will be no problem to welcome this furry friend into your home.

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