Furbaby News: Why Should Olympic Pups Call USA Home


I think some of you have seen and heard of the USA Olympians are combining all their efforts to find homes and bring these adorable puppies back home. Even with this great heartwarming story; there always has to be some negative feedback. Some internet commenters are complaining that there is a huge pet problem back in the states. Stating that there are homeless, shelter dogs and cats needing homes and why should they adopt from another country? My personal opinion is that all animals deserve the love and care of being someone’s loving pet. It shouldn’t matter where these puppies came from; they were in a rough situation and need to be looked after. If that isn’t a honorable action for Gus Kenworthy and his fellow Olympians to reach out and help then I don’t know what is. Adopting a pet is a life long commitment; no matter where you found your furry companion.



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