Cat Comments: How to cat proof your home or apartment.

When living with cats, there can be some rips or tears that can happen. Here is a quick list to cat proof your home if you don’t want to take the option declaw your cat.

  1. Make sure dishes and food is put away: Especially when you are leaving for class or work, your kitty cat might get hungry or want to investigate those smells which turn into a kitchen disaster.  
  2. Place scratching posts in certain areas: This will help your cat or kitten to learn not to scratch on the furniture and they will have their own area to go too. 
  3. Get slip covers for couches and chairs: To take the precautions of your cat’s habit of scratching, slip covers will add at least some protection to your furniture. 
  4. Never leave anything open: This is for windows, cabinets, washer, dryer and dishwasher machines. You never know what will happen or if the door closes on them to trap the feline friend inside.



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