Apartment hunting with pets

As college students, we move out from mom and dad’s house into our own apartment taking Fluffy with us. While most students don’t know is that most apartments do not allow dogs or certain breeds of dogs. Even though the apartments claim that they are ‘pet friendly’, most complexes are discriminating against some breeds. Especially living in the City of Austin, apartments are stricter on weight limits and breeds that live in their complexes.

Apartment Search Checklist:

  • Give your self enough time to look for an apartment that you love and will love your pet as well.
  • Be aware of additional rental fees that come along with living with your pet (pet deposit, pet insurance, monthly pet fees etc).
  • Be aware of the breed restrictions
    • If your pet is one of the breeds on the restriction list look at other apartment complexes or think out renting a house.
    • Have your vet write a letter saying that your pet is that breed.
      • For example: if you have a dog that looks like a pit-bull but its actually a cross between two other breeds.
      • Keep all vet records to show proof that your dog is fixed and has all shots and vaccines.
      • If you do find an apartment complex that meets all your requirements have the landlord and apartment staff meet your dog, this will help ensure your dog is friendly and becoming a four legged resident in the community.

Breed Restrictions: 

Pitt Bulls


German Shepherds


Alaskan Malamutes

Doberman Pincers


Presa Canarios



Here are some resources to look into while apartment searching:

http://love-a-bull.org/resources/housing/ – great website the pitbull rescues advocacy group called Love – A- Bull.

http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/renting_with_pets.html#.Uu10Dihn9UQ – The Humane society gives more detailed tips on navigating the apartment search of a new home for you and your pet.



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