Cat Comments: Declawing isn’t a quick fix


The other browsing through some animal shelters websites, I noticed that their cats were declawed. I don’t know that much about cats or declawing but researching all the facts is quite disturbing. Some cat owners declaw their cats as a fast solution to the feline’s scratching habits. It does more harm than good for the cat by:

  1. Cats won’t be able to defend themselves or find a proper getaway like a tree if they don’t have their claws: What is a dog or wild animal is chasing them and they can’t protect themselves?
  2. Cats tend to not use their litter boxes properly after they have been declawed. Cats claw their area to marker their territory.
  3. It doesn’t extend their life span.
  4. It affects how they walk. Cats have to relearn how to walk without their claws and adapt to a more possible uncomfortable gait. This can cause joint and
    arthritis later down the road.

Furbaby News: Why Should Olympic Pups Call USA Home


I think some of you have seen and heard of the USA Olympians are combining all their efforts to find homes and bring these adorable puppies back home. Even with this great heartwarming story; there always has to be some negative feedback. Some internet commenters are complaining that there is a huge pet problem back in the states. Stating that there are homeless, shelter dogs and cats needing homes and why should they adopt from another country? My personal opinion is that all animals deserve the love and care of being someone’s loving pet. It shouldn’t matter where these puppies came from; they were in a rough situation and need to be looked after. If that isn’t a honorable action for Gus Kenworthy and his fellow Olympians to reach out and help then I don’t know what is. Adopting a pet is a life long commitment; no matter where you found your furry companion.


Adopt Me App – Finding furever friends with one swipe.

My mobile app called, Adopt Me App, will assist users in finding new pets in their local area by plugging in their zip code. This will pull up all types of animal centers that adopt out animals in a specific radius of the user’s location. The animal shelters can upload profiles of the adoptable pets that include: name, weight, age, sprayed/neutered status, etc. The app will also have a page called Adopt Me Deals shows deals or discounts that the shelter is having to promote more adoptions. The Pet Feeder page links with the local area shelters’ twitter to have a real time update on pets and new pets that are up for adoption.

***The images show in ‘Animals Profiles’ are real dogs that are from Austin Humane Society.**

What is an Animal Rescue?


There are many similarities between humane soceities, city animal shelters and animal rescues but they have many differences. Here is a definition post of what is an animal rescue and what they do. One thing that stands out and makes animal rescues different from other organization is that they only focus on a certain breed like Boxers, PitBulls or Golden Retrievers. It’s where a organization can educate the community and put all their support into helping that specific breed. Any breed or species of animal you can imagine there is a rescue for them. I would advise you if you are looking for a certain breed or species of animal like dogs, cats and even horses to adopt; check out those rescues.

Here is a list of rescues in the Central Texas area:

Check out think list to find more animal rescues!

The places you can go with your dog!

Spending a day off with your dog can be challenging if you want to explore different areas in the city. I gathered a quick list that you can go with your dog on a jog, swimming in the river or lake, or a night out with friends.


San Marcos:

  • Lions tube rental: tubing down the river is a best way to hang out with your freinds and furry friend and Of course there is the river and cities parks. Who doesn’t enjoy laying around in the sun and being on the river.
  • Dog park in San Marcos: Great way for your dog to interact with other dogs.


  • Parks: There are tons of parks and trails to take your four-legged friend from padding boarding on Lady Bird Lake to visiting Auditorium Shores to Metropolitan Park At Walnut Creek. Austin Parks provided a database to search dog friendly areas.
  • Bars: There are a good number of bars in Austin to take your dog for a beer with some friends. For example, The Yard Bar is a unique experience and provides amenities for both dogs and their owners, if you would like to check them out.

There are tons of things that you can do with your dog and many resources to find new ideas for the weekend out.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is Feburary 14th, it’s a day that it is a hit or miss with some people. Happy in love with your significant other or despising all the happy couples that are surrounding you and or the amount of flower deliveries that are stopping by at your work. You can be neither; you can be happy that your cat or dog is treating you like it’s any other day: waiting to greet you at the door or lay around watching tv.


That’s the deal with pets. They will love you no matter what happens or what holiday it is. That’s the beauty of being a pet parent and owning a furbaby. Take a chance to give your pet a kiss or a long hug on this day.

Here’s a article that might interest you about dogs and love.

I will leave you with this quote by Josh Billings:

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings


Dealing your furry pal’s chewing issues

My dog, Melanie, had issues chewing and I made a list of my personal tips on how to deal with it and ways to transition your dog to stop chewing.


  1. Put everything you don’t want in your dog’s mouth up: Easiest thing to do and it holds accountability on your part.
  2. Put the tv or radio on: Sounds weird but if you are away from home, some background noise will comfort your dog.
  3. Buy treats and bones: Raw Hides help and strength teeth. It keeps dog’s occupied on their treat then on your stuff. I always have bags of hard bones and raw hides to give her before I leave the house.
  4. Let them know they did wrong: Try to do this asap when you seen them chew on something. Talk in a stern voice and say its bad and showed them what they chewed on. If you do this hours after, your dog will become confused and it not take effect.

The Humane Society of the U.S.: Has a great article about chewing, the reasons for chewing and ways to help your pet.