Where can I find affordable pet care?

Having a pet and caring for one can get pricey on a student budget. When your dog needs a rabies shot or your cat needs to be spayed but you have no idea where to begin to look for a vet. I have created a list from area businesses have to offer from Austin to San Marcos and San Antonio:

Animal Care Center of Hays County: Located in San Marcos, the Animal Care Center provides an array of dog and cat medical services from shots, vaccinations and surgeries. They offer a discount to Texas State students on Wednesdays and Fridays after 3:00pm for certain services. Who doesn’t love a discount just for being a student?

Springtown Veterinary Hospital: Is located 10 minutes away from Texas State campus. They are always have coupons in the local newsletter and newspaper. They even provide a $20 discount to new clients. Springtown have everything your pet needs at a veterinary hospital. The hospital also has an online pet medical files that is easily accessible for pet parents.

Emancipet: Emancipet is a non profit clinic that promotes animal wellness services located in Austin and has mobile clinics for Austin residents. They provide low cost spay and neuters, microchipping, vaccinations and many others. Emancipet is not a full service veterinary clinic but if you have a new puppy that needs a few shots then they will be able to help you out.

Vanguard Veterinary Clinic: This San Antonio based clinic is very similar to Emancipet but they have traveling mobile clinics through the state of Texas. Vanguard offers a $35 coupon at their clinic in San Antonio. Their mobile clinics services dogs and cats. They provide low cost vaccinations, heart worm screening and preventatives, feline leukemia and AIDS tests and much more.


Hope this helps on discovering a low cost option on the services your pet needs for healthy life. I encourage you to explore these websites and contact the clinics if you have any questions and concerns.


8 thoughts on “Where can I find affordable pet care?

  1. Ooh! Already really helpful! There is also a wonderful vet in Kyle that I take my kitties called Plum Creek Vet Hospital! They are so nice, helpful, and understanding when it comes to costs!

    • Thanks for your comment:) I agree with you. I really like when the vet offices want to do the best they can for your pets and also are warm welcoming every time you visit.

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